Motivation 2008

I retired in 2008, after a rewarding career in agricultural sales and marketing.  I was in my family room watching football one Sunday afternoon and during commercial breaks, noticed a squirrel eating out of my bird feeder.  By the end of the game, he had cleaned me out.  In my retirement, I had taken over some of the domestic duties which included keeping the bird feeder full.  Frankly, it made me mad and  ... “I can’t take it anymore”.

Squirrel Proof Pole
  1. Starting Point was the first feeder sat on top of a pole.
  2. I next moved to a hanging feeder and saw squirrels easily jump from the bushes.
  3. Next I added the 3rd extension to get away from an easy jump from the bushes.
  4. Squirrels were soon climbing the pole and coming from the top.
Internet Model


The internet gave me the first model to build my own. The only problems were that you couldn't see how much feed you had, the perches are to flimsy to hold cardinals, it was very heavy and it didn't seem to be that eye appealing. Other than those things, it was pretty squirrel proof and could feed the smaller birds in the neighborhood.


After over a year of trial and error, expensive parts and cheap parts, heavy springs and light springs, short feeders and long feeders, etc. and etc. and etc..... I now have several boxes of things that do not work that well (including parts and feeders).


The first 2 models that seemed marketable were these 2:

Early Models

So....the history to date results in the SquirrelAway Bird Cafe, which comes from parts made (or at least purchased) in the USA, which were hand built in the USA and all the profits from the builder go to feed the hungry here in the USA.
Are you ready get out your checkbook and wave the Flag yet?