Key Features

New 2013 Version 8.0

  1. New 10" Stainless Steel Dome Lid makes it very difficult for a squirrel to set on the top or hang down from the top to get at the feeder ports.

  2. The sturdy 4 inch wide Clear PVC tube is 1/8 inch thick and has UV protection. It holds 4-5 lbs. of seed.  The overall height is 18". The width makes it hard for a squirrel to wrap their arms around to hold on and being clear, the birds see what is in store and you can see when you need to refill.

  3. Stainless Steel Springs at the base of the perch do not support a squirrel but do support birds, including cardinals etc. 

  4. Cleanout on the bottom of the feeder - for when things begin to grow down there.

  5. Ports are located near the bottom of the feeder so squirrels can not reach them by hanging from the top. They are located at 2 levels to accommodate 4 birds feeding at the same time.

  6. Profit from the sale of this "SquirrelAway Bird Cafe" will be donated to the Illinois Food Bank.  "Fool A Squirrel - Feed A Family"

  7. Unlike many Bird Feeders, the materials come from the USA and it is built in the USA.


Version 8.0

Spring Perch

Stainless Steel Springs on Perches

Removable Bottom

Removable Bottom for Easy Clean Out

Ventilation Holes

Holes in Bottom for Drainage

Less Waste

Bottom Close to Lowest Port so Most Feed is Available for Birds


Hanger wire is durable steel, coated with plastic and rated at 270 lbs.

Sliding the hanger wire through the finial loop lock the lid down so squirrels can not get in.

Baked on "Spruce" powder coated stainless lid is both attractive and durable.



Designs That I Have Done

Same Relative Size, Ports and Perches, but not as durable.

Rectangle Model

Version 6.0

Version 5.2