The Squirrel

One of the most entertaining creatures we have in our yard........ if only they knew that they do not belong on our bird feeders, devouring tons of expensive bird feed. I certainly find more enjoyment from them frolicking and eating at the leftovers at the base of my feeder than I did when they were robbing me blind.

The vital statistics of the common gray squirrel are:

  • Weight of 16 to 24 ounces

  • Length of 8 to 11 inches with a tail about the same length

  • Females generally have 2 litters a year

  • Life Span in the city is around a year and longer in rural areas (apparently automobiles are a bigger problem in town than hunting season is for their country friends)

Certainly the characteristics that generally give us the most problems, are their insatiable appetite, their excellent memory, a set of teeth that can gnaw through almost anything and an agility that makes them seem unstoppable...."I am hungry, I know where to find the best food and I WILL GET IT".

The best way to combat these remarkable characteristics and enjoy (frustrate) this small rodent, was to design a bird feeder with all these things in mind.

The SquirrelAway Bird Cafes were designed as a suspended feed source that has to wide and round a top for the squirrel to set on (or too long to reach to the food from the top) plus nothing to hold on to on the sides. Throw in use of his memory of a bad experience.....and you have a trained squirrel.

You can find more information by searching on line or pick up Bill Adler, Jr.'s book: "Outwitting Squirrels". You'll find it an informative and entertaining read.


A Squirrel Story

I hear a lot of stories from people on their squirrel experiences. One of the best came from a young lady at the flea market who told me a very funny story that could best be described as an "Encounter of the Fourth Kind".

It seems her mother needed to run to the store, but had an urgent calling before she left. In a hurry, she went to the bathroom, turned around, lifted the lid and sat. She felt a tapping on her rear, looked in the stool and saw a live squirrel! She shut the lid, called for help and the squirrel was captured and released outside.

The best explanation is that the curious squirrel climbed down the vent on the roof and couldn't turn around until he reach the toilet, the lid was down and all he could do was wait it out.

To the men of the world, like me, who have ever been reminded to "put down the lid", this story may help justify our actions.

Squirrel in Toliet







These Birds are Often Seen On The Ground Below the Feeder, But Weigh To Much To Be Supported on a SquirrelAway Bird Cafe.


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